Personalize your emails for engagement:  6 easy tips for this year

Personalize your emails for engagement: 6 easy tips for this year

Email marketing is not just some easy task, how many of us have launched a blog with everything from a great email opt-in plugin, a good email marketing service and began growing out the email list. But was that enough to get engagement? Most of the campaigns go unnoticed or unopened. We have all been there, this is a common issue most of the new marketers and bloggers face. The one solution to this problem is email personalization. Unfortunately not many of us use this in email marketing. As per the studies around 70% of the business is still unaware of or fail to personalize emails. Personalizing will improve the click through rates by about 14% as well as the open rates by about 10%, here is how you can get started with personalized email marketing. 1.Customer persona Customer persona is is the first baby step into personalized email marketing. By creating the buyer persona you can target the ideal customers rather sending random emails. The customer profile when created will aid you in coming up with an overall marketing strategy that includes blog content creation, understand customer needs and interested and attracting leads. A list full of contacts who are least interested in your campaigns won't help you in growing. Hence to take your marketing plan into the right path creating a customer persona is very important. 2. Don't assume, Ask Assumptions can go wrong. So never assume your customer needs hence “Ask”. then build your email strategy based on customer preferences. To know this, you can just ask how your customers prefer to receive their emails and newsletters and how often they would like to receive or you can simple conduct a survey. 3. It's all about getting personal Being real is the best part of personalizing email for your customers. The main content or body need to be give the most attention. Here are a few tips Address the customers with their first name Use name in the subject line whenever possible Use fun emojis Show appreciation Find the perfect timing to send mails Be a real human being behind the mails and let your customer reach you easily with a real reply-to email address. 4. Gather And Analyze Data Collect and document data- “Do not guess!”. Study and understand the data received from email campaigns, this will give you an overall idea on what your audience is likely to respond to. Hence helping you create better campaigns. 5. Understand subscribers For example, location targeting can help you in creating and personalizing emails more locally (local events, off days etc) hence spiking customer interest. Here is a tip: Facebook is a powerful social media platform. The Facebook lead Ads service allows you to connect with targeted customers, linking Facebook lead Ads with your email marketing service will allow you to collect new contacts. An added advantage to this feature is, one can identify the interests of subscribers such as your favorite color, travelling destinations, books, movies etc. you can create personalized campaigns targeting these interests. 6. Never give up till you get it right Personalization had no standard method, it can change based on the nature and interests of your audience.hence testing is the only way to learn. Here is a small tip: Make use of the A/B split testing tools, with this you can test the everything from subject line to images until you figure out which combination works best for you. Last but not the least, do not forget to cross check issues with formats. Make sure your images look good in all types of devices. This can bring down your engagement rates real low. Also keep innovating, keep your customers interested, send goodies. All the best!



25 steps checklist for successful email marketing campaign

25 steps checklist for successful email marketing campaign

In Order to send a successful email marketing campaign you need to ensure everything is perfect. Typos, poor images or forgotten links- such minor errors can be a complete disaster for your campaign. These types of mistakes can be easily avoided with a little caution. Here is where the 25 steps email marketing checklist comes to your aid. Once you click on that send button your campaign is out there and then there is no looking back. May be a small mistake once or twice is not much of a big deal. Readers would mostly just glance across the campaign paying more attention to the CTA(Call to actions) or the large themes. But small mistakes can add up slowly, a small typo ,may go unnoticed once but when it keeps repeating it could affect your brand as well as the quality, trust and reputation among your contacts. Real trouble comes when you forget to link in your CTA button or you forgot to replace a large section of placeholder text. We at Vinmail always take this seriously and make it our goal to ensure the quality of emails of our users, a well optimised mail campaign can achieve the right business goals and solid engagement. The 25 points email marketing checklist will give you the confidence to press that send button without doubt. The checklist covers all the important aspects of the campaign hence helping you to avoid errors.the list covers the following aspects. Strategy and targeting Campaign settings Email content Email preview Sending and beyond The best part here is this checklist can be copied and saved into the system, were you can cross check if all the 25 boxes are checked before hitting the send button. How cool is that!


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