How To Build Email List With 100% Performance

How To Build Email List With 100% Performance

Email list building is a backbone of Email marketing, there would be hundreds of way to build list but choosing the most cost-effective is tricky. Here are the simple solutions for making email list from zero to million. You have to be interactive with the subscribers on a regular basis but it’s hard to get new subscribers than maintaining the existing one.

1.Choose The Right Service Provider

You can see a few numbers of Email service providers in the web but choosing an appropriate and relevant one is a resolute decision. First, you have to analyze what is your need, budget and result expectation.

A perfect email service provider will give segmented email servicing, excellent tracking metrics, world-class customer support, user-friendliness, Email automation service, and reporting tool.

  1. MailChimp
  2. Convertkit
  3. ActiveCampaign
  4. Mailercloud

2.Find A Reason To Join Your Email List

You have to do a small survey to know the user’s interest and add it as an offer you are giving to your subscribers. The offer can be a free article, discount or a service upgrade. You have to provide contents that enticement views to subscribe to your newsletter. The content shout grabs the attention and it should clearly mention why your newsletter is valuable to them. Few examples are below,

  1. Enter your email for getting a limited discount.
  2. Get FREE WORKSHOP every weekend
  3. Get FREE TECH Magazines

3.Timed Pop- up Survey

Timed Pop - up Survey

If you are building an email list have to definitely look at the quality of the list. Pop- up surveys help to get the right subscribers. The pop- up form can see to every visitor in your website with relevant content and that should attract customers attention and they drop their email id in the given box. Everything that’s free runs fast so uses that type of tricky but relevant things in the pop-up.

Be careful with the pop-up because some pop-up can annoy your website visitors. The only way to get rid of this is placed right targeted pop up.

The recommended time of pop up is 7 seconds and you have to do A/B testing to find out the optimal time and position of the pop-up.



Including social sharing button in your email allows recipients to share and forward your mail to their friends and closed ones. Sharing by second persons who better know the third person will increase the message relevancy. You have to add SUBSCRIBE button with no doubt in all campaign this will increase your email list uncontrollably.


I believe that every good blog has a magical power which can attract and engage customers.  If  we  look  on  an  e-commerce  blog,  the  customer  who  interested  in e-commerce only looks for that blog so we get a relevant customer who is interested in that specific product. You have to add opt-in forms to every blog if it’s possible. This allows the visitor to directly enter their email id and you will get a germ through this.



By adding customer reviews to your blog page or landing pages you are getting an absolutely perfect email id’s. Only some people who are interested in your topic will give you the reviews, so you can get the contact details of the person and if you wish you can publish the comment on the same page.