Everything marketer’s needs to know about Transactional emails

Everything marketer’s needs to know about Transactional emails

What is a transactional email? A transactional email is one essential element of building customer relationships through email, sent to facilitate a transaction or special event between the sender and the recipient. The automatically and instantly sent emails that belong to the transactional email category include:

Subscription confirmation (or double opt-in)
Order confirmation
Notification emails (delivery updates, new message, etc.)
Password reset emails
Bills, receipts, etc.

Any idea how essential these emails are to customers? Even minor errors or delays with the transactional emails deals with declining trust among customers. To have a better idea on the importance of transactional emails, let’s explore from a business perspective.

While transactional emails are sent after being triggered by an event or transaction on your site to a single recipient, marketing/promotional emails are sent to a specified list of contacts by you at the specified time. Transactional emails serve a special purpose that necessarily satisfies your business operations. On the other hand, marketing emails that helps to grow your business, neither affects your core business or website functionality in their absence.
What are the different types of transactional emails? Account creation or email subscription confirmation is one type of transactional email meant for verifying a new customer’s email address. Order confirmation email as the name suggests send you an order confirmation that confirms the price and items purchased provided with an estimated delivery date. The order follow-up let the customers monitor various steps through which the order gets delivered. Websites can sometimes integrate receipts or bills into the order confirmation email, but can also send a separate transactional email for this message as well. Password reset emails are also important in providing a positive user experience on your website.

Transactional emails communicates important information to customers or website visitors
in order to interact normally with your business. Leveraging your transactional emails plays a major role to get the greatest possible value and continue building positive customer relationships in your business.