Types of trigger based email campaigns

trigger emails

Email campaigns based on the trigger are very effective. Unlike the typical, bulk messaging campaigns, triggering is initiated based on the person’s profile, subscriber preferences, and behavior. The preferred time and date are fixed in advance by the brand. Hence this could make big difference to your overall email marketing efforts. These messages are sent out automatically, it can be based on various events or actions of your subscribers. The best part of these, mails are that these can make your subscribers feel valued, especially since these emails are usually received in the form of welcome emails or a greeting mail to wish subscribers on their birthday, or to repurchase an already desired product. Hence basically with these emails, you can raise your chances of retention, acquisition, engagement, and up-sell.

welcome emails

Here are some of the commonly used forms of triggered email marketing campaigns,
As Welcome Email This one is heard before, “the first impression is always the best”. This is very especially important if you are handling customers. To retain and maintain a powerful customer base one must be able to bring forth a very good first impression. The best way to put this forward is through a welcome mail. The quality of welcome mail is purely dependent on how you design these mails ideal to your customers. You can also give them a hint of what to expect in the future. A welcome mail directly addressed by the CEO of the company is a great way to cultivate trust among the subscribers. Make sure you add who you are and the target of your brand clearly.

Onboarding Emails In the beginning, when a user has signed up for your product or service, he will be longing to hear from you and may post some questions about utilizing your services. This is were onboarding emails comes into action. This is the best way to tempt your user to engage. These emails can help you engage your prospects, find value in your product, and get them into action. This type of campaign could become your launch pads, give your subscribers that tiny itch to engage more.


Early Activation Emails Early activation emails can be used to motivate those subscribers who are activated but not immediately engaged. The core ability of these mails is that to entice marketers to be wholly proactive. These early activation campaigns can also identify the truly lost customers, and tempt them to re-engage. Marketing experts who actually know to put these to use can generate engagement and recurring revenue from customers. Today more and more marketers use these early activation emails to bring in a more profitable email marketing strategy.

Reactivation Emails Like the name suggests reactivation emails are used to re-engage inactive customers. They represent the highest ROI opportunities in marketing at a reasonably low cost. Compared to non-buyers, early buyers usually click, open, and transact at much higher rates. Also, the transaction rate is twice that of the non-buyers hence it’s always recommended to retain the existing customers that going after new ones. There is a variety of reactivating tactics marketers use today to grab attention among all the noise.

retargeting emails

Re-marketing Emails You are required to engage in email remarketing if you want to get back visitors who initiated an order. These types of emails ha the power to attract customers or users back onto a website. Thus, you gather the information you already had about your customers and utilize the same to send relevant emails. You can understand the way a customer has made an early purchase, or how they have browsed your site, this will help you deliver relevant emails by understanding what gets your customer going.


Transactional Emails Emails sent after transactions such as order confirmation, password reset, delivery notification, etc. are known as transactional emails. These types of emails are eagerly awaited by the customers, therefore get the highest open and click-through rate. Today transactional email has become critical for application-based businesses. It is the interpreter by which they interact with their subscribers to develop their customer base, and bring forth revenue.

Conclusion Introducing more broader and blended Email campaigns would benefit the marketers to bring in more conversion and engagement among customers. The best part of this type of email marketing is that they can be put on auto-pilot and also generate revenue. This method may require some initial investment. But initially, it is recommended to start the program on a single part of your business so that you can analyze changes in opens, clicks, and conversions.

Hope this helps you. Good Luck!

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