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Every day, we are visualising unusual and awesome trends in our businesses. What hasn’t changed is how salient email marketing channels are for all the businesses around the world. Email marketing is still continuing to play the role of a best friend who nurtures, acquires and retains your customers. Its limits are ceaselessly expanding. 

After you design a good-looking newsletter and writing down an engaging email content,  the task of figuring out the best time of day or week to send it to your audience drains all your valuable time and effort. 

If you are still stuck with optimising your Send Time for campaigns, then my friend, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to use an innovation called the View Time Optimisation (VTO) that will prove revolutionary for your business!

You would ask me, what’s wrong with optimising the send time?

Send Time Optimisation is just guesswork. We assume that our customer would be free and will definitely read our email if we send it out on a particular day at a particular time. But, is this reliable? It isn’t. There is absolutely no guarantee that your recipient is active at the time you guess and yours will be the first email they see.

Should we really play a game of probability with our audience? A big NO!

Undoubtedly,  View Time Optimisation is the only technology in the world that completely eradicates the guesswork of when to send your emails for getting the best conversions and click-through rates. View Time Optimisation does not require any unique templates or different coding skill. VTO is a life-saver creation of Verizon Media, an email intelligence and optimisation platform.

To simply explain, when you use VTO, emails to your audience won’t be delivered until they are active in their inbox. And your emails will head straight to one of the top spots in their inbox.

“View Time Optimization truly only delivers the mail when the user is actually active” 

Marcel Becker, Director of Product Management,

Verizon Media has given worldwide access to VTO only through partnership with them. The VTO technology is currently limited to emails that are with Yahoo, AOL,, Netscape and more. 

How does VTO affect your consumer? 

VTO is concerned about your subscriber’s privacy. It uses a simple queuing mechanism that’s triggered only when the recipients are accessing their inboxes. It does not rely on customer engagement data to guess a send time.

Visual Time Optimisation will also help organize a consumer’s inbox by reducing email noise, keeping off non-relevant emails at the top of their inboxes, and delivering an overall good experience.

Quick summary

  • VTO is highly intelligent and advanced technology.
  • It fixes your emails in prime positions in customer inboxes,
  • Gives improved open, click and conversion rates.
  • Ensure customer privacy.
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