Email Campaigns

Getting Started with Campaigns
Here, we’ll help you get started with your first campaign in Mailercloud.

Note: Before you set up your first campaign, you’ll need to create a list. To learn more about list creation, read Getting Started with Lists

Choose Your Campaign Type

Which campaign matches your business goals & audience? We provide you two different campaign types to choose from:

Regular Campaigns

Regular campaigns are the most common type among all campaigns, which is sent to target subscribers at once. It’s based on customer preference, behaviour and previous campaign reports.

A/B Testing Campaigns

A/B Testing campaigns allows you to send upto two versions of a single email, and compare results to find the most effective one. You can test subject lines, content, from names and more.

Create a Campaign

To create a new campaign, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Campaign tab and click Create Campaign.
  • Select the type of campaign you would like to create.
  • Fill in the details and set up your campaign

Design your Campaign

Choose among four editor options to build your campaign.

  • Text Editor : Create plain text emails that look great on any device
  • Drag & Drop Editor : Design beautiful, mobile-friendly emails by dragging and dropping images, text blocks and other design elements.
  • Mailercloud Templates : Select from various pre-designed creatives available on template gallery.
  • Saved Templates : You can also upload saved and existing creatives directly from your computer.

Add Recipients

Now to choose your recipients, follow these steps:

  • In the Recipients section, click Add to choose lists and add recipients.
  • Suppression list : Choose contacts you wish to permanently exclude from your future emails.
  • From the Segment section, choose lists and create segments to target your custom audience.
  • Create Rule : Set rule to filter your emails.

Send or Schedule your Campaign

You have two choices:

  • Publish your campaign now
  • Or schedule for a specific time.

And now…

Congratulations! You’ve sent your first email campaign in Mailercloud. Return to Campaign tab to view your campaign status, and click ‘Actions’ for more options.

How to duplicate a campaign?

Use Duplicate option to simply duplicate any of your campaigns, that saves you time from creating a new campaign again.
To duplicate the campaign, move to Campaign tab on the dashboard. Click Actions beside the campaign you would like to duplicate, and click Duplicate.

How to test your email campaign?

After creating your campaign, make sure to test the email content before you send the campaign. Mailercloud makes it easy for you to preview your campaigns and to send test mails.

Send a test mail

Send a test mail to see the preview of your email campaign before you send. You may send a test to individual recipients by inputting the desired email address(es).

  • Start by creating a new campaign from Campaign tab on the dashboard. After designing your campaign, simply click the Send Testmail button at the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Type the email address(es) you want to send the test to.
  • You also have the option to click Send Testmail from Actions beside the campaign you would like to send test, on the Campaigns page.

About Email Campaign Reports and Performance Tracking

Once you have sent your first campaign, the next step is to take a look at the campaign report and analyse the performance. Mailercloud’s email campaign report details the number of emails sent, opened, clicked, bounced and more.

To get started, go to the Report tab on the dashboard.

Click Actions next to the campaign you want to work with and select Statistics.

Now you get to the General Statistics page, which contains performance data like opens, clicks, and details of the campaign.

The performance metrics include:

Recipients : Number of subscribers who received your campaign.

Rule : Rules applied for the entire campaign

Open Details : Displays the details of recipients who opened your campaign, opened date, date-wise report and more.

Click Details : Provides the details of recipients who clicked any tracked link within your message, clicked date, date-wise report and more.

Unsubscribe Details : Displays the details of subscribers who opted out of your list using the unsubscribe link in the campaign, date-wise report and more.

Bounce Details : View the details of messages that could not be delivered to recipients due to any issue.

Abuse Details: Details of recipients who reported your message as spam and date-wise report will be displayed here.

Browser-OS/ Devices: Any browser-OS/ device based details will be displayed here.

Domain: Any domain-wise details for campaigns will be displayed here.

Country Based Opens: Displays where in the world your subscribers are opening your campaigns.

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