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A lot of things are to be known while using Mailercloud. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a part to assist you in understanding the commonly used terms and concepts associated with Mailercloud, to help during the communication with your customers. These glossary is intended to enhance the success of your email marketing as it depends on the deliverability of the same.

What is the purpose of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending emails to reach many people instantly, persuading them to carry out business with you. It involves the use of emails to promote products/services and to make the subscribers to voluntarily achieve a desired action. Email marketing is an advanced emailing system that gains audience trust through valuable, content-rich emails and at the same time increases the credibility of the sender and brings the sender closer to their wanted goal.

How to get more Email subscribers?

The email list growth is considered to be a major component for successful email marketing. But do you attract the right kind of people? Growing your list with correct individuals can only help successful campaigns. It is ideal to include past, current and potential customers, family, friends and coworkers in your email list. Make sure to provide people adequate opportunities to sign up for your email list through opt-in boxes on your website as well as blog.

What to write in the Email campaign?

Writing high-performing email campaigns is an art that allow subscribers to open and engage with. Make sure you write simple and strong content that truly matters to your audience and grabs more attention. Write a good subject line- short, simple and agreeable, that makes it quickly readable as well as digestible. Presenting the features of your product/service in a clear and precise manner, can make your campaign more attractive to your audience that in turn brings more conversations for the business. Try to know more about their hobbies and habits, and serve their interests through your messages.

What constitutes an effective Email marketing subject line?

The subject line is arguably the most important element in email marketing. Subject lines constituted of fifty characters are generally considered good and safe. The best length for email marketing subject lines are over 70 characters and less than 49. Other methods that will be advantageous in subject lines include numbered lists, asking questions and personalization. The best email subject lines need to be specific, compact and powerful, that meet the direct expectations, allowing email content to achieve the rest.

What are the general laws of email marketing?

Regarding the email marketing services, the best practice is to send emails to individuals you know well. The email list that contain people from purchased lists,has to be strictly avoided as there are laws against receiving unrequested messages from your end. CAN SPAM ACT defines the rules and regulations to be followed in email marketing. While sending emails for commercial purposes, the following things are to be observed. They include: a) Maintain a facility to unsubscribe. b) Unsubscribe timely if a request for the same was posted. c) Your physical address is to be added in the email while sending the same for commercial purposes.

What is the best day and best time to send an email marketing campaign?

Best times for sending email marketing campaigns depends on the convenient time zone of an individual who receives the email. Try with different days and time, and find the optimal one to send that gives the most opens and clicks. You can also segment your email lists and send out email blasts in the middle of the day and trace out the days which generate better results. Sending emails on weekend days may impact your email performance negatively due to low open rates and as a result most online marketers ignore weekend days for sending process.

How often should you email your customers?

The ideal frequency to communicate to your customers is about one to four times a month. Sending emails once a month is considered to be the best to bring out your name in front of your customers. If you’re sending emails- two to three times a day, it requires enough time in between emails, and if the frequency is too high then the subscribers may tune out. While you increase your email sending frequency, make sure you are cautious about the open and unsubscribe rates. If you are used to send out a monthly email at the beginning of each month, and if some important news occur during mid month, you need not wait until the following month to share it. Make sure you make your customers know about it immediately on time.

What do email deliverability and email open rates mean?

Email deliverability and email open rates are considered as initial measures regarding the effectiveness of your email marketing.Email deliverability rate or acceptance rate denotes the success rate of an email campaign, delivered in one person’s email address. The number of emails delivered divided by the number of emails sent and then multiplied by hundred gives you the deliverability rate of your email marketing. On the other hand, an email open rate is the percentage of people who have opened the emails that reached in the in-boxes . The email open rate has a huge impact on how their campaigns perform. To know the open rates of the sent emails, divide the emails opened with the emails delivered and multiply the same with hundred.

How do we consider the Email open rate as good?

Email open rates are very important as far as the success of email campaigns are concerned. If two people in the same industry are sending the same email at the same time with the same content, there are possibilities to have different open rates due to factors like list quality and personal relationship. The recent benchmark studies conducted across various companies reveals that achieving 15-25 percent email open rates can place you very near to industry standards. Over 30 percent denotes that you are maintaining a very good open rates. Depending on the industry and the peculiar circumstances, the evaluations vary with respect to factors such as audience, email marketing strategy and more.

What are the measures to carry out for email marketing?

The four fundamental strategies that you must measure in order to get high email deliverability include : a) Inbox: It is important to measure the number of delivered emails fallen into the inbox of an individual. b) Bounce Rates: Notice the percentage of emails that were rejected by the mail servers of the recipients. c) Spam Reports: Count the number of occasions, your emails were considered as junk mail/Spam by the servers of recipients. d) Unsubscribes: Find the number of people unsubscribed from your emails.

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