Getting Started Guide

How can I change my account password?

To change your password, open Account Settings by clicking your profile picture on the top right corner of the page. Go to My Profile on the left side bar. On ‘My Profile’ page, you will have access to change your account password.

How do I change my billing address?

To change your billing address, you simply navigate to Account Settings, then click on Billing Information on the left side bar. From here, you can change your billing address accordingly.

How do I view my invoices?

We follow month-end closing procedures to have a better financial review. At the end of the month, go to Account Settings and click on Payment History. Now you will be able to view your monthly invoice.

How to add a sub account?

Follow these steps to add a sub-account user:

  • Go to Account Settings, click on User Management on the left side bar and select Add Subuser.
  • In the ‘Add subuser’ wizard that appears, fill in the required details and set up a subuser account.

How to set up a tracking domain?

Navigate to Account Settings, choose Tracking Domain and enter your domain details to add a new tracking domain to your account.

How to add sender domain?

To add a new sender domain, go to Account Settings and select Sending Domain on the left side bar.
Fill in sender information and add the domain you would like to receive mail from.

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