What is a regular email campaign?

Regular email campaigns are the one-time email communication with your customers where you make announcements regarding your product, offer promotions and update them with the latest trends from your industry. It is the most potent and seminal piece of interaction in your long term relationship with your customers. Mailercloud helps you create visually attractive and highly engaging emails for your campaigns.

regular campaigns dashboard

Before you start

create reuglar campaign

The first foot forward to begin a campaign is to :

  1. Prepare a contact list having all your subscribers to whom you want to deliver the emails.
  2. Prepare highly engaging email content and eye-catching subject lines for getting higher open and click rates.
  3. Send a test campaign to yourself before sending it to your audience.
  4. Check the layout of your email in desktop and mobile view.
  5. Plan a date and time for sending your campaign.

Creating the campaign

Follow these simple steps for creating a regular campaign:

regular campaign setup
  1. Login to your mailercloud account.
  2. Select the create campaign option
    from your Dashboard.

Following are the most important parts of the campaign:

html editor
  • Create a campaign name. A right campaign name must easily distinguish your campaign from the ones that you previously created and the ones you are yet to start.
  • Add the subject line. Make sure it is interesting as it always creates the first impression on users.
  • Enter the Sender name.
  • Select your valid and verified From Id and reply id
  • Add a campaign tag to your email. Campaign tags let you filter/segment your contacts based on their interests.
  • You can add email preheaders and permission reminders according to your preference.

Give life to your emails with beautiful templates. You can choose a predesigned email template from our Template Gallery or create a new unique template using Drag and Drop Editor or you can directly copy-paste your HTML code to our HTML editor.

Click Continue and select the contacts or the segments you prefer to send the email

You can send your emails right away, or Schedule the campaign to a prefered time.

scheduling campaigns

Scheduling a campaign

After you are all ready for sending your regular email campaign, you can also select a date and time for delivering the campaign to your audience. For scheduling a regular email campaign, follow these steps:

  1. After finishing your campaign template, design and other specifications, click Schedule.
  2. Choose a start date and time zone.
  3. After a quick review of all your settings, click Schedule to confirm.
  4. Mailercloud starts tracking data on clicks, spams, opens, bounces and user activities etc., just after you Publish your email campaign.

Additional options

filter campaign
  • You can filter your campaigns concerning the date, campaign status, campaign name etc.
  • You can send a Test mail of the created campaigns from the campaign list page
  • For duplicating your already created campaign, select Duplicate from the drop-down list To pause an ongoing campaign, choose Pause from the drop-down list.
  • In case you want to stop an ongoing campaign, select Abort from the list. Once you abort a campaign, you cannot reverse it; you should make a new one.