Segmentation: choosing the right people

Mailercloud lets you segment your audience into smaller groups based on different criterias like interests, place, gender, subscriber status etc. Send them personalised and targeted emails. Know customer interaction and improve audience engagement by segmentation.

Regular Campaigns

Why do we use contact list segmentation?


With Mailercloud you can also narrow your segments by layering more than one conditions or criterias for making a segment.

Conditions for segmentation

Segmentation can be done on any basis. Based on the language, location, behaviour, gender , even by comparing from where they reached the signup form.

The major conditions you can select in Mailercloud are subscription status , email verified , email rating, email address , domain , country , city , state , salary , operating system , device , department , subscriber opened etc

How to prepare a contact list

  1. Hover your cursor over the left side of your Dashboard, and select Contacts.
  2. From the drop down list that appears select List.
  1. Click on Create new list from the page that appears.

    Fill in all these important details regarding your contact list.

  2. Type in the List Name.
  3. Choose the List Type, whether you need to add a Normal list or Suppressed list.
  4. After filling in the details, you should Upload your contacts to the newly created list. Addition of contacts can be done in three ways:
    • Uploading any CSV,XLS or XLSX file, containing all the required contacts directly.
    • By simply copy-pasting the contacts from the available document.
    • Adding individual contacts one-by-one, filling all the contact details.

How would you like to import?

  1. For individual addition of contacts the following details must be filled. After entering these details, you can add properties like Zip code, state, city and other minor details.
  2. If you are selecting any other option other than adding individual contacts, you should Map the columns in your file to the contact properties.

    That is to match the given details of the contact with the attribute they belong to. That is if the row indicates a contact’s first name, set the matching attribute as First name.

  1. Click Continue
  2. Your Contact list is successfully created.

How to create segments?

  1. Login to your Mailercloud account.
  2. Select segment from the left side of your dashboard.
  3. Click on create segment to create your first segment.
  4. Give a name for your segment.
  5. You can choose the Contact lists from which you want to create a segment.
  6. You can add multiple conditions for building your segment for that, click on Add condition option.

Just press save once you have completed selecting the lists and explained the conditions, your segment is created. Now you can send targeted and personalised emails to all your segments.