Marketing Automation

Introduction to Marketing Automation

How does it work? Build custom scenarios to send reminders to customers and prospects and communicate with them more effectively without the need for prior installation. Set up a series of targeted emails and SMS based on your contacts' behavior. Here are some examples of scenarios:

Welcome scenario: send a series of emails after a subscription or purchase. Anniversary date: send a special offer to your users on their birthday or on the anniversary of the date they subscribed to your website. Lead activation: send a series of emails based on the behavior of your website users and their reaction to your emails. Abandoned basket: send a reminder to potential customers after X days of them adding an item to their basket without ordering it.

What are Marketing Automation logs for?

Workflow logs

These logs represent a contact's journey within a workflow (the entry, waiting and exit stages). Exiting a workflow means the contact has gone through all of the stages and has finished the sending chain. The last log is therefore "A contact has exited the workflow".

You can use the workflow logs to look at your contacts' complete journey in a specific workflow.

Event logs

These logs show the actions carried out by your contacts on your automated, transactional emails and their behavior on your website (if you've installed the tracking script):

Visits and events on your website (or track events): all pages visited when an identified contact is uploaded to the events log on Mailercloud. Likewise, if you have installed track events on Mailercloud

The completion of a form: all contacts who fill in a Mailercloud subscription form are identified on Marketing Automation

The adding of a list: all contacts automatically added to a contacts list on Mailercloud are recorded in the events logs

The opening, clicking and unsubscribing of a message: all of your contacts' actions on your emails are recorded

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