Getting Started with Lists

Creating your email list is a big task that you need to carry out before you set up your first campaign.

Here, we help you get started with lists and import your contacts into Mailercloud.

Create New List

To create a new list, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Recipients tab on your dashboard and click Create List.
  • Select the type of list you wish to create
    1. Active List: A list of active contacts who has already confirmed their subscription.
    2. Suppression List: A list of contacts that you wish to permanently exclude from future campaigns
    3. Blacklist: A list of blocked email addresses, domains, or IP addresses.

Three import methods

There are three ways to add contacts to your list

  1. Importing contacts from a CSV file

    You may import a CSV file containing contacts directly into Mailercloud, either by selecting the required CSV file or by dragging and dropping the file.

  2. Copying & pasting contacts

    To import contacts using the copy & paste method, copy and paste directly into the empty field in Mailercloud. Mailercloud allows you to add up to 1000 contacts, one per line.

  3. Add individual contacts

    You may add individual contacts to Mailercloud as well. Add contacts one by one to your list. For a larger import, use import from file or copy & paste methods.

Importing contacts

To import contacts, select any one of the importing methods mentioned above and follow these steps:

  1. Upload your file

    For example, we’ve chosen to import contacts using a CSV file. Select the desired CSV file or drag & drop your file in the empty field.

  2. Mapping data

    Now, select the exact attribute that matches with your data uploaded. If you have already defined your attributes in Mailercloud, you can find the matching attribute from the drop-down menu.

    You may also choose Add a new attribute to create a new attribute.

  3. Select a list

    Now, it's time to choose the list(s) to which new contacts has to be added. You may select one or multiple existing lists to import contacts.

    Your last step is to confirm your import and complete the operation.

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