Transactional Email

What is the difference between transactional, triggered and marketing emails?

All transactional emails are for user generated actions but triggered emails are not necessarily so. They are triggered basis some rule not action. For example, monthly statements, birthday alerts, LinkedIn notifications etc. are all triggered emails that are sent not because the user took action.

On the other hand marketing emails are emails sent by choice by brands to you with an intent of awareness, cross sell and upsell. Brands at times go overboard with these emails and think you love getting these emails. Hence you receive the love every day; sometimes even twice a day!

What is Email encryption?

Mailercloud attaches great importance to confidentiality and encrypts all connections as much as possible between servers and customer emails (like Gmail):
for incoming connections, we recommend you send your emails through our SMTP using port 465, which uses the SHA256 encryption protocol. for outgoing connections, we always try to use the TLS protocol whenever it is available. If it is not available, we use the insecure standard SMTP protocol.

What is Mailercloud SMTP?

SMTP is a communication protocol used for transferring email to electronic mail servers.

Mailercloud SMTP is the transactional email service of Mailercloud.

A transactional email is sent to certify a transaction or action. Actions such as these can trigger a transactional email: email for an account creation, order confirmation emails, recovery password emails, and all your non-promotional emails.

Just like your regular campaigns, Mailercloud SMTP also allows you to view the history of sent emails, openings, clicks, hard bounces and many other information.

How to set up my transactional emails?

Your emails may be generated from various sources like CRM, CMS, website, app or any other campaign management tool. You need to integrate these applications with an email delivery service or SMTP relay servers (ESP)

Setting up the system to send transactional emails is a one-time effort. It’s plain, simple and easy. It involves 3 steps:

  • step 1: Set up your DNS
  • Step 2: Get SMTP credentials
  • step 3: Set content and start sending

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