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To automate this process, you need, a Mailercloud account with API access, a valid Mailercloud API key and The specific Mailercloud List ID

Yes, by writing an 'onEdit' trigger function in Google Apps Script, you can set it up so that contact creation is triggered whenever an edit is made to specific columns (usually where the contact's name and email are located).

  • In the Google Apps Script editor, click on the clock icon (current project's triggers) in the toolbar.
  • Click on "+ Add Trigger" at the bottom right.
  • Choose 'onEdit' from the function dropdown.
  • Set the event type to "on edit".
  • Save your settings.

For updating existing contacts, use the contact update API provided by Mailercloud. You will need to refer to Mailercloud's API documentation for the specifics and modify the API URL in your script accordingly.

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