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Forms that suit perfectly with your industry and audience!

You can create attractive web forms in seconds and convert users into Mailercloud contacts automatically.We have added a lot of form layouts that would cater to any of your business needs and suit your audience type.

  • Embedded forms

    Create forms that you can embed in your websites.

  • Standalone page

    Make standalone form pages directed by links you can share.

  • Pop up forms

    Create forms that pop up in the centre of your page.
  • Dropdown banner

    Make a form that looks like banners hanging from the top of your page.
  • Slide-in right box

    Build forms that slides into your page from the right.
  • Slide-in left box

    Design forms that slides into your page from left.

What makes our webform builder unique?


Our new Drag and drop form builder

Mailercloud offers swift and hassle-free creation of attractive web forms with the new drag and drop form builder.

Web forms that attract your audience

You can build forms irrespective of your industry and audience type. We offer different form layouts and varieties of blocks.


Automatic contact conversion

Everyone who interacts with the form will be automatically converted into your Mailercloud contacts.

Real-time email notifications

Mailercloud ensures to give you real-time email notifications as soon as one of your audience responds to your form.


Create responsive web forms

Our forms are very responsive on all devices. Be it on the desktops, mobile phones or tablets, our forms can resize easily.

The reCAPTCHA confirmation

We help you ensure that genuine people fill your form. This can be done by adding reCAPTCHA confirmation to the end of your form.


Confirmation and thank you page

Mailercloud lets you express your gratitude towards all your customers for patiently filling up details.

Our forms are GDPR compliant

The GDPR settings on the forms will help you add pre-permissions for your European users. It will also help you to automatically segment your European subscribers.

Make the best out of our form builder in 3 simple steps!

Use Mailercloud to streamline your marketing. Bring your teams, tools, and data together on a single platform.
  • Build

    Create unlimited forms having a multitude of layouts and designs with our drag and drop builder.

  • Publish

    Customise and insert your form directly on your website or blog.

  • Get notified

    Get real-time notifications as soon as a user fills your form. Simply, enter all the email Ids that are to be notified.

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