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Experiment on your campaigns with A/B testing!

Send out the best email marketing campaign after performing controlled experiments on your emails.

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A/B Campaigns

Figure out what works for your audience and brand!


Make variations
in multiple elements

Mailercloud lets you experiment with anything in your email, including your headlines, subject lines, preheaders, calls to action, content, images, etc.


Know what works for your audience

Not all industries and audiences are identical. Your customers have their own special needs. After conducting a few A/B tests you would realise how to make a tailor-made email for your audience.


Decide the winning
campaign automatically

We let you add A/B testing conditions and the winning criteria. Mailercloud ensures that the rest of your subscribers receive the winning campaign. Manual declaration of winning campaigns can be done by comparing individual reports.


View your
email A/B test results

Get a detailed overview of your A and B campaigns in the reports section. The campaign report clearly shows opens, clicks, hard bounces, spam complaints, soft bounces, unsubscribes, abuse and conversions for each campaign.

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Perform A/B testing
on your campaigns

Find out what works best for your audience and industry, with Mailercloud's fast
and powerful A/B testing feature.

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