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Mailercloud is a cloud-based email marketing platform, designed to help SMEs and large enterprises in their email marketing practices. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, pocket-friendly subscription plans, time-based campaigns, personalization, automation, integrations, webforms and much more. Along with this, the users get proper support which makes the platform unique and a must have.

Mailercloud can help you create target based email campaigns. You can track real-time email performance, automatic campaigns, send personalized emails, design newsletters, build webforms, connect the application with integrations like Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately, run time-based campaigns and get all possible assistance from experienced email marketing specialists.

It is effortless and quick to create an account on Mailercloud. Follow the steps below, and you will own an account in no time.

  • On the top right corner of the homepage, you will find the Free Sign Up button.
  • Fill up all your details (first name, last name, email, phone and password) in the form that opens; set a strong password, read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and click the sign-up button.

For detailed information, click here.

Once your account is created, you need to create your contact list, complete domain authentication and sender ID verification. After this, you can select your subscription plan, choose the payment method, run email marketing campaigns and track performance. Ensure to fill up the compulsory fields as suggested in the Mailercloud dashboard before sending your campaign. Amidst this, if you come across any issues, check out our help documents or write to us at [email protected].

Mailercloud allows you to add your contacts/audience in the following ways:-

  • By uploading the CSV file, containing all the required contacts directly.
  • By simply copy-pasting the contacts from the available document.
  • By adding individual contacts one-by-one, and filling all the contact details. For adding individuals, contact details like the first name, surname, place and country should be filled in. You can also add details like zip/postcode. You could also add other relevant minor details.

To know more, click here.

Domain authentication is a verification process where it is ensured that an email is sent by a genuine sender. To learn more about domain authentication, visit here.

No, domain authentication will not affect your current email sending potential.

You can authenticate as many domains that you want in a plan.

Yes, we allow users to create role-based emails like [email protected], [email protected] and such others.

There is no such restriction here. One can complete any of these two processes first, as they want.

No, you must maintain unique data against all your contacts, as duplicate records can lead to confusion at your end and can affect your email marketing experience.

Yes, you can track the real-time performance of your running campaigns. You can check advanced reports, analytics and more. You will be tracking click rates, open rates. Further track for lead generation, conversion pixel. To track it now, click here.

Mailercloud recommends you to go at a slow speed while targeting the email list for getting the most accurate and desired results. It is essential for high inbox deliverability and better engagement.

You can unsubscribe from the Mailercloud email list by clicking on the unsubscribe button appearing at the bottom of the email.

We offer three email marketing plans to help you engage with your customers. You can choose from our free plan, premium plan, and an enterprise plan. For the free plan, users can send 12000 emails to 1000 contacts every month at zero cost. For the premium plan, users can send unlimited emails to up to 600K contacts at the plans starting from $10 a month. For the enterprise plan, users can decide how many contacts and emails they wish to have and pay accordingly. To learn more about plans and pricing, click here.

You can simply go to Account, tap/click on the “Upgrade/Change Plan” button and choose your required plan. To change your existing plan, click here.

You can access ‘unlimited’ by following quality email sending habits (this includes following good design practices, taking permission from the recipients, sending legitimate content, and more) to ensure spam-free emails. To find more, check our Terms and Conditions.

You can check complete details of your existing as well as upcoming plans by following this process, login into your Mailercloud account by clicking here. Now go to Account, appearing in the menu at the bottom left profile icon > Plan and billing > Monthly plans and credits. To check your subscription plan, click here.

Yes, under our enterprise plan we allow you to choose the email volumes and contacts you may require based on your business needs. To choose this plan, tap/click on the contact sales button under the enterprise plan and fill in all the details. Upon this, our team will contact you and create your custom plan against the applicable charges, as per your chosen volumes.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan if you're an active paid user by clicking on the “Cancel subscription” button under Account, appearing in the menu at the bottom left profile icon > Plan and billing > Monthly plans and credits.

You can make a payment based on your chosen payment methods. To add a new payment method, login into your Mailercloud account by clicking here. Now go to Account, appearing in the menu at the bottom left profile icon>Plan and billing > Payment methods > Add card. Once done with this, you can change the default payment card, provided that you have more than one payment option. To update the payment methods, click here.

Auto payments are processed automatically at the time of your subscription plan renewals. However, for facilitating auto payments, you must provide us with a consent to save your card details with us. Also, you should ensure that you have set up a default payment method and given us permission in accordance with the latest RBI guidelines. To provide your consent or set a default payment method, click here.

You can make the payment in INR, USD or GBP, with applicable tax. For the INR, applicable tax will be GST as 18% and for those making payments in GBP, the applicable tax will be VAT as 20%.

You can view and download your past payment details under Account > Plan and billing > Billing history. To check it now, click here.

If you are a free or premium user, then you can delete your contact list after 14 days have passed from the date of creating the contact list.

Mailercloud offers a wide range of features to let you make the most out of your email campaigns. It includes features such as time-based campaigns, personalization, automation, integrations, segmentation webforms, template gallery, drag and drop email builder, campaign reports, contact rating, blacklist monitoring, autoresponders and much more. To know more, visit here.

Segmentation is one of the notable features offered by Mailercloud. It allows you to place all the like-minded audience in different groups and send personalized emails to all at once. This includes open and click rates. To know more, visit here.

A template gallery is a set of predesigned email layouts which you can use to create custom email templates. To know more, visit here.

Mailercloud templates are the pre-built templates that you would find under "Template Gallery" in your Mailercloud dashboard. You can use these templates for saving on the template designing time.

Contact rating allows you to analyze and sort your contacts based on the engagement rate and their activities. To know more, visit here.

Mailercloud allows you to maintain your business's reputation and email deliverability rate. Our blacklist monitoring tool reviews your email content and identifies domains that are blacklisted. To know more, visit here.

Yes, we allow users to create customized email templates for their email marketing campaigns. One can use our Drag and Drop Email Builder to create a custom email template, where they can add an image, customize buttons, add a menu, divider, spacer or create one using their own HTML codes.

Yes, we allow our users to integrate their Mailercloud account with other applications and web services like WordPress and others. This can be done with the help of our integration plugins, which can be found by clicking here.

Yes, you can set email automation, which will allow you to target the right audience at the right time. To learn how to do this, click here.

Personalization is about adding a ‘personal touch’ to your emails. It makes your email recipients feel valued and appreciated. To help our users create personalized emails easily, we offer a wide range of personalization tags, which include first name, middle name, city, country or any of their custom fields. To know how you can use the personalization tags, click here.

Mailercloud lets you create automatic replies to the emails with the help of a feature called autoresponder. To learn how to set up an autoresponder visit here.

At Mailercloud, we want you to follow good email marketing practices to avoid spams. For instance, if you have been sending too many emails with an unverified email ID, sending spammy subject lines, sending emails without taking recipient's permission, avoiding domain authentication, using poorly designed email templates with little emphasis on texts, using emails for illegitimate activities and other such scenarios, you might be marked as spam. This is also essential because your emails will not only affect your existing users but will also put our platform's reputation at risk.

It is always better to get connected with the support team and find quick resolution to all your issues. To report your concern or share your feedback, you can write to us at [email protected]. However, if you still wish to delete your account, go to Account > Settings > Delete account. Here, you should note that deleting your account will lead to permanent loss of all your data and account settings, which cannot be undone.

You need not worry. Simply write to us at [email protected] or connect with us over the live chat and we will resolve your issues.

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