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We equip businesses to make informed decisions.

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Two friends, one dream and a vision. We believe in building relationships, weaving the hopes of many and inspiring many others.

Our walk into the path of Email Marketing has been an outcome of experiments and continual evolution since 2013. But, it was in 2018 that we arrived at a name.

‘Clouds travel and the mail travels.’ The essence of this journey led us to the naming of mailercloud. Also, enshrined in the logo of Mailercloud, where “m” is in the lower case of Typography, is our value of humble beginnings. “Our roots matter.”

Today, we have emerged as one of the consistent players in the email marketing platform and sincerely work toward innovations and improvements. We ensure a varied range of features for personalisation and automation with specialised tools for complete customer satisfaction.

Mailercloud upholds the spirit of confidentiality, trust and psychological safety to team members at every level of shared interaction. It also ensures a safe, secure and dependable channel for every customer.

If asked, how would we define ‘mission mailercloud’? Our answer is, “it’s the journey and our Team aspires to be the wheel of connections and possibilities.”

At the same time, we remain focused on creating a “talent pool of inspiration” for everyone associated with us at some point in time.

There is an underlying culture of connecting. A cyclical connection of sharing responsibilities and caring for each other.

Every Team member collaborates and unites to achieve common goals in the product's life cycle. Also, there is an environment of learning and experimentation, and scope for advancing in career paths.

We are a Team of Mailercloud Pathfinders, finding our way to solve the problems and address the needs of our clients. We equip businesses to make informed decisions. We are imperfectly perfect and yet, stay strong in our relationship.

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Our core values



Our moral compass always points to the pole star and we do what is right.

Our virtue does not fluctuate during
challenging situations.



We agree to disagree; we treat each individual with dignity.

We are open to opinions that differ from our own and act with civility.



The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that synergy inspires creativity and success.

We believe that synergy inspires creativity and success.



We own what we do- both our achievements and failures.

We remain a step ahead by acknowledging our flaws and gaining experiences.



We provide an ethically secure environment to safeguard confidential data.

Your safety is our priority. Your trust and consent are essential for our advancement.

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Our squad

Our team is made of wonderful souls from diverse backgrounds who have been putting their dedication into building Mailercloud and expanding it to the far corners of the email marketing world.

Moreover, all of us are jolly, multi-talented and love to have a laugh. So there is never a boring day at work. In other words, we are always there to help you give the right push to your emails.

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