Email Designs

Create beautiful campaigns in minutes

No Design Skills Required

  • Drag and Drop Designer

    Drag & Drop Designer

    Use flexible drag & drop designer to build and manage powerful email marketing campaigns.

  • Template Gallery

    Template Gallery

    Plan your marketing campaigns with customizable templates, and create them in almost no time.

  • Mobile-Friendly Emails

    Mobile-Friendly Emails

    Create mobile friendly emails that looks great on any device with our drag & drop designer.

Designed to Perform

  • Personalized Content

    Personalized Content

    Personalizing email campaigns with your contact preferences improve opens and click through rates.

  • Inbox Preview

    Inbox Preview

    Test and optimize your campaigns to look impressive and responsive in all devices before sending.

  • Link Checker

    Link Checker

    Use link checker tool to check all of the links in your campaign to make sure they’re valid and leads to the right landing pages.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts, create mailing lists, manage the mailing list by creating segments and reach the targeted audience.

Smart Targeting Creates Results

  • Advanced Search and Segmentation

    Advanced Search & Segmentation

    Manage, filter and segment your contacts for maximized relevance and targeting of email campaigns using simple or advanced search criteria.

  • List Management

    List Management

    Create and add contacts into folders and lists for easy organization according to your campaign needs.

  • Dynamic Lists

    Dynamic Lists

    Create dynamic lists specifically tailored to meet campaign needs and criterias.

Unlimited Growth, Unlimited Tools

  • Contact Forms

    Contact Forms

    Grow your audience with customized contact forms that fits the campaign and capture details for connecting on a personal level.

  • Upload Unlimited Contacts

    Upload Unlimited Contacts

    Add unlimited contacts to a campaign and grow your email list.

  • Unlimited Contact Details

    Unlimited Contact Details

    Add unlimited details to your contact and customize them.

Campaign Reports

Real time report allows to track your email campaigns, analyze the details and optimize them in real time.

Live, Accessible Data

  • Real-Time Results

    Real-Time Results

    View real time campaign results in your dashboard.

  • PDF and CSV Reports

    PDF & CSV Reports

    Export campaign report data as a CSV or PDF file.

  • Tracking Campaign Performance

    Tracking Campaign Performance

    Detailed metrics helps you measure your campaign effectiveness.

Insights to Help You Optimize

  • Openers and Clickers World Map

    Openers & Clickers World Map

    Gain deeper insights to optimise your campaigns and scale to maximise the engagement.

  • Clickers Engagement Map

    Clickers Engagement Map

    Discover your shortest route to best engagement with favourable links, buttons and images.

  • Email Platforms and Devices

    Email Platforms & Devices

    Take a look at the most popular email platforms and devices to optimize your campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Trigger emails based on customer actions and preferences to increase the performance.

Automation for Everyone

  • Automation Workflow Designer

    Automation Workflow Designer

    Improve customer experience by creating multi-step, multi-channel campaigns with unlimited variables in a matter of minutes.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

    Multi-Channel Marketing

    Email and SMS messaging allows to send the right messages at the right time to reach the targeted audience.

  • Increase Customer Retention

    Increase Customer Retention

    Reach out to new customers, keep them engaged, to grow retention and cultivate lasting relationships.

Targeting the Sale

  • Campaign Activity

    Campaign Activity

    Inspect the response from email or SMS campaigns and automatically retarget the contacts.

  • Advanced Website Events

    Advanced Website Events

    Track visitors who get into target landing pages and turn site visitors to leads.

  • Contact Attributes

    Contact Attributes

    Send targeted email campaigns based on the targeted list of recipients.

Transactional Messaging

Expert Tools You Can Trust

  • Optimal deliverability

    Optimal deliverability

    Improve your email deliverability and increase the chances of reaching your contact's inboxes.

  • Message Archiving and Logs

    Message Archiving & Logs

    Archive email and SMS messages to preserve and make them searchable.

  • Secure messages

    Secure messages

    Deliver transactional emails simple and secure.

Responsive Tools to Serve Your Customers

  • Real-Time Results

    Real-Time Results

    Monitor real time analytics on deliverability and email metrics.

  • Flexible APIs

    Flexible APIs

    Use powerful APIs to create and send dynamic personalized messages.

  • Email Insights

    Email Insights

    Make use of advanced metrics to analyze and track your email campaigns.


Get your email campaigns delivered to inbox.

Flexibility at Great Prices

  • Shared and Dedicated IP Options

    Shared & Dedicated IP Options

    Select the perfect IP solution best suited for your campaign needs.

  • IP Pool Management

    IP Pool Management

    Use dedicated IP pools to manage a large volume of email efficiently.

  • Monitor Mailing Trends

    Monitor Mailing Trends

    Prevent any misuse, monitor your sending data and increase email deliverability rates.

Protect Your Reputation

  • Reputation Monitoring

    Reputation Monitoring

    Establish a positive sender reputation by monitoring the dedicated IP address using our easy-to-use tools.

  • Security and Authentication

    Security & Authentication

    Control your reputation and secure emails using SPF, DKIM and DMARC security protocols and a dedicated IP address.

  • Handling Errors

    Handling Errors

    Improve your campaign results by handling delivery failures, bouncing issues and feedback loops, efficiently.

Integrations & API

Connect with Mailercloud and get the most out of your data

Flexibility at Great Prices

  • Powerful API

    Powerful API

    Build custom integrations using our powerful API and choose your programming language to start working with.

  • Contact Management

    Import Contact Files

    Custom Contact Fields

    Search & Segment Contacts

    Custom Unsubscribe Forms

  • Email Designs

    Responsive Email Design

    HTML Editor

    Image Hosting

    Social Sharing

    Dynamic Personalization

  • Email Sending

    Spam Check & Inbox Testing

    Text Messaging / SMS

    Dedicated IP Address

  • Campaign Tracking

    Complete Campaign Reports

    Export Report Data

    Open & Click-Through Reports

  • Transactional Emails

    Mailercloud SMTP

    Transactional Email Templates

    Real-Time Metrics

  • Integrations


  • E-Commerce

    Marketing Automation

    Import Sales Orders

    Track Custom Indicators / KPIs

    Trigger Marketing

  • Support

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