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What is multi-user permission?

Mailercloud offers you a broad marketing platform where you can add all your team members and build a specialised marketing team. This will improve your campaign performance and also allow different users to focus on different aspects of the campaign.


Permission level based on User types

Mailercloud lets you choose your user type from the list. Divide the work in your team and increase your efficiency.

There are four user types which are default, they are:
  • Admin - They have full access over the Mailercloud account.
  • Manager - They have full access except for billing. In addition, user and list exports will to be accessible to them.
  • Communication Manager - They can create, edit, manage, send campaigns. They can also study campaign reports.
  • Viewer - They can only view reports and study data analysis.

Share access with multiple teammates

Run large scale campaigns with maximum efficiency by using multi-user permission.

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