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Deeper performance insights by contact monitoring

Quickly import a contact list, segment your contacts and get a detailed real-time report of your contact activity log in a few clicks.

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Ensure efficient contact management


Import your contact list easily

Collect contacts through the sign up forms and upload your contacts by importing a CSV file, copy-pasting your contacts, or adding the contacts individually. We recognise every field automatically and let you organise them.


Contact properties

Add and store information about your subscribers in up to 100 data fields. We help you to create a highly targeted segment of interested groups in an efficient manner.


Filter your contacts

Filtering contacts is easy and quick with Mailercloud. You can filter contacts based on behaviour, list name and list type.


Segmenting your audience

Segmentation is an essential requirement for effective subscriber management. Create segments based on interests, behaviours, age, gender, career, location etc., and send only beneficial emails.


Import and contact activity log

The import activity log allows you to observe the contact list type, total contacts in the list, skipped contacts and newly added contacts. You can download the summary of each imported list. Analyse your recent actions on the contact list with the contact activity log.


Monitor your contacts
and their actions effectively!

Adding a contact list, segmenting them, filtering them and tracking their activities is quick and easy with Mailercloud. Try Mailercloud for free, today!

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