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Why are custom domains crucial for your business?



The biggest benefit of using a custom domain is that it helps in brand promotion. Your brand will get reflected in a better light and will also display consistency. Users would confidently visit the correct website when they will get to view the name of your brand in the domain.


Customer trust

In present times, users are much more alert and aware of the URLs they are clicking on due to the rise in phishing scams.

Having a custom domain which is transparent in its connection to your business will encourage the subscriber to click on your promotions.



Custom domains improve your SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Since a search engine looks at the root domain on sites, a customer domain reflecting on your brand will be more relevant than a generic domain.

Your website with a custom domain will get ranked higher. Sending more number of campaigns from this domain will result in even higher search ranking. And if you run promotions from the same domain repeatedly, your campaigns will reach the top of the search results much sooner.

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