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Analyse your campaigns

Get detailed reports of all your campaigns on a single platform. Be it reports from your Regular campaign, Autoresponder, Automation or even A/B tests, you can view all of them with exhaustive analyses. These metrics in the reports will help you increase conversions.


Get real-time results

Track and analyse your campaigns by seeing who has opened your email newsletters or clicked on the links. Narrow it down to individual subscribers or track trends with high-level statistics. Use real-time reports to track your audience engagement and overall growth.
Make use of these insights to make your next email campaign even more targeted and effective.


Know where your emails perform the best

The open by location feature in your campaign report provides you with a picture of the location of your subscribers. It helps reveal the countries with the highest engagement of your email campaign.
Based on your open by location details, you can strategise your email campaign by targeting the subscribers in high engagement countries with relevant content.


Find the best time to send your emails

After sending an email campaign, you can find out the time when subscribers are most active in opening and reading your emails.
This feature, known as Timestamp, gives you an idea about the best time to send your campaigns.


Download reports

Get an in-depth insight into the performance of all your completed campaigns in a single, precise and downloadable CSV report.
You can see the total number of emails sent in a campaign, its name, date, name of the contact list, sent, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and abuse.

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