What are A/B test campaigns and how to use them?

A/B testing is the fastest and powerful way to conduct controlled experiments on your campaign and figure out what yields better outcomes. With A/B testing, you make different versions of a single email. You can perform the variations on the subject line, content, and send time. And at the end of the test, you will find out what kind of email attracts more subscribers and at what time you should deliver the emails.

AB split Campaigns

Before you start

First, figure out which elements you want to test.

Same From ID, Reply to ID and Campaign tag should be used in both the tests.

Carry out multiple A/B tests before making a final decision or final change.

Understand that a successful email is not a 10-minute work.

How to perform A/B testing?

Login to your Mailercloud account, on your Dashboard, select A/B Split Campaign from the drop-down list of Create Campaign on the top right corner.


Here comes the important steps


You can fill in the details for
both A and B split campaigns,

but make sure the Sender’s ID, Campaign
Tag and Reply to ID
are the same in both cases.


Make desired variations in the style and format. You can test by making variations of anything in your email, your headlines, subject lines, calls to action, body, images, etc.


Choose your prefered templates for both A and B campaigns from our Template Gallery or make your unique templates from our Drag and drop editor.


Choose recipients

Click on Choose Recipients to select your contact
lists or segments
on which you want to run the test


Set up additional rules
for running the test.

Add the percentage of your subscribers you want to send the email to( should be below 50%).

For example, if we select 20% of the subscribers for running the test, Campaign A will be sent to 10% of the subscribers and Campaign B will be sent to the other 10%.

Mention the time after which you want to get the result of your Split Test Campaign. And Mailercloud automatically finds out which is the winning campaign, by comparing the open rates.



Click Publish to immediately deliver your email to the selected contact lists.



If you want to know about the optimal time for delivery, Schedule your campaigns accordingly.