Custom HTML Editor - Create unique templates.

If you can create your own amazing templates, with your HTML coding skills then, why waste time? With Mailercloud you can add your HTML code by typing the entire code or simply by copying & pasting. You can preview the HTML code just after you code.

Custom HTML Editor

Before you start

Prepare a rough sketch of the template, if you are building an HTML template code from scratch.
Make sure the template you code, suits the message you want to convey.
Or find a custom coded template to copy and paste the HTML code.

How to use our custom HTML editor?

create email template
  1. Login to your Mailercloud account.
  2. Start creating a Campaign
  3. Click on Choose email Template
html builder
  1. Select Copy and Paste editor
  2. Now you can type in your HTML code.
  3. Or simply copy-paste any HTML code for your Template.
  4. Personalise your email templates by adding custom tags.
    • Click on + Tags option.
    • Choose the custom field tag you need from the list that appears.
  5. Click Continue and preview your unique Template.
  6. Publish your Campaign.