Template gallery in Mailercloud

Easily create eye-catching and responsive email templates with Mailercloud. Pick a layout, use our design tools and create a new template from scratch with our drag and drop editor. All your previously created templates will be automatically saved in the Template Gallery, which can be customized for future campaigns. Coding skills are not necessary for creating beautifully designed inspiring emails.

Template Gallery

Before you start


How to create a template for your
email newsletter?

Mailercloud makes template selection a very simple task.

  1. Login to your Mailercloud account.
  2. From your Dashboard select Template Gallery
  3. You’ll now be taken to our Template Gallery .
  4. Search in the saved templates categories for finding the ones you have created.
  5. If you don't have a saved template or want to create a new template then click on Create a new template.
  1. Enter your template’s name, to get started.
  1. Select the right Template type you are looking for.
  1. You can design a template in three different ways

    Drag and drop editor :
    Select a layout, design your templates by organising content blocks, adding fonts, blocks and colours. And save your template.

    Coding your own template:
    If you have a prepared HTML code, we provide you with options to;

  1. Import your HTML code.- Build your template by uploading an already prepared HTML file.
  1. Copy and Paste HTML code. - Create your template simply by copying a custom coded design and pasting it.
  1. Import HTML zip file. - Build your template by uploading a zip file containing your code.
  1. After you are done, press Continue.
  2. Your newly created email template is added/saved to the template gallery.