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KonnectzIT Integration with Mailercloud

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Fastest way to integrate Mailercloud
with an app

KonnectzIT integration helps you connect your Mailercloud account with applications listed on KonnectzIT. You can connect your account with 530+ applications like Gmail, Stripe, HubSpot and more. It’s fast, effective and useful for everyone, who wants to save time and get things done more consistently.


See your contacts synchronizing on it own

Upon integrating your Mailercloud account with an app listed on KonnectzIT, you can set an actions as “Add Contact to List”, “Update Contact” or any other. Based on this, the integration will automatically synchronize your contacts from your chosen application on KonnectzIT with Mailercloud contacts.

For instance, if you have paired Mailecloud with Google Forms and chosen the trigger action as “Add Contact to List”, then each time you receive any Google form submission, the contact information will be added automatically to your Mailercloud contact list.


Save your time and efforts

If you are spending hours doing things manually, then this integration can help you save your time and effort. By integrating your Mailercloud account with an application listed on KonnectzIT, you can organize workflows and set automation. This means, your chosen triggers and actions will be executed automatically.


It’s easy to connect apps on KonnectzIT

  • Sign-in to your KonnectzIT account and select the “Konnectz” option from the slider menu bar.
  • Click on the “Create Konnectz” button appearing on the top-right.
  • Search for trigger application and drag it in the workspace area. For example, “Google Sheets”.
  • Configure the trigger and click on “Test and Review”.
  • Now, search for “Mailercloud” as your action app and drag it into the workspace area.
  • Click on “Select account” and sign in to your Mailercloud account.
  • Enter your Mailercloud API key, which you can find by logging into your Mailercloud account> Click on the profile icon appearing on the bottom left> Go to Account> Integrations > API integrations. (Or, you can click here).
  • Choose the app event, which can be “Add Contact to List” or any other.
  • Choose the list and the contact type.
  • Map trigger and action to their fields.
  • Click on the “Test and Review” button
  • Once done, click on the “Save” and “Publish” buttons and see the automation work for you.

That’s it! KonnectzIT integration is all set!

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