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Extend the functionality of your site with our WordPress
Integration Plugin

Developer : Mailercloud

Pricing : Free

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WordPress Contact Integration

Synchronize WordPress contacts and integrate webforms

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It's easy
Easily integrate webforms and synchronize WordPress contacts
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Update and synchronize your contact
list with a blink of an eye
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Plan and run your email marketing
campaign like a pro
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Impactful WordPress Integration for you

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Customize webforms for WordPress

Create attractive webforms with our Drag and Drop Builder and easily integrate them in WordPress.

  • Design contact us forms, sign-up forms, pop-up subscriber forms, and more.
  • Integrate these forms in your WordPress pages, posts, and widgets with ease.
  • Easily integrate captcha technology and make the webforms more secure.
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Synchronize your WordPress contacts

By installing our WordPress Plugin, all your changes will be reflected in the Mailercloud contact list as well.

This means, when a new contact is created or an existing contact is updated, the plugin will make sure the changes are made to your Mailercloud list also.

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Seamlessly convert your site visitors into subscribers

Once you are done with integrating webforms, you can convert your site visitors into subscribers.

This will help you connect with your subscribers more effectively and run even more successful email campaigns.

Get started with our WordPress Plugin Integration today

Publish Mailercloud's webforms, save subscribers automatically, create segments, send email newsletters, automate email marketing service process and grow leads.

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