What is open and click tracking?

Open and click rates gives a clear idea about how your audience interacts with your emails. A high open rate is the perfect indicator of how your subject lines resonate with your customers. Good click rates show you the relevance of your email content to the person who opens your campaigns.

Average open and click rates vary from audience to audience ,industry, company size, and other factors.

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Open and click tracking with Mailercloud

Mailercloud gives you the total number of emails that were sent, bounced, viewed, and clicked. Open and click tracking can be easily seen on your dashboard as well as in each one of your campaign reports.

Open and click tracking

Our open and click tracking feature can help
you in the given ways:

  • Identifying the customers who are most interested in receiving the messages you send.
  • Focus on your most engaged customers.
  • Improving the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns .
  • And protecting your sender reputation.
Open tracking

How to improve your open rates?

Ever wondered, why do you have low open rates? A low open rate generally indicates any one of the following:

  • Your subject line fails to be interesting, catchy and rel evant.
  • You are targeting a mixed audience, with various interests.
  • Either you are rarely sending campaigns or frequently flooding inboxes.
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Testing your subject line

Testing your subject line

An effective subject line gives a good picture of what is inside your campaign. Make sure you make it catchy, short and relevant. You'll want to test a few variations to find out what resonates well with your audience.

Segmenting your audience

Segmenting your audience

Know your customers and understand what is relevant to them. If everyone receives the same campaign, they get frustrated by irrelevant content and will eventually stop opening your emails. i.e you can’t send the same emails to sales reps, shop owners, doctors..etc.

Sending the right message to the right people is made possible with segmentation. You can use subscriber location, interests, gender, age group or activity to segment your audience. Create stronger campaigns and widen your engagement by this simple technique.

Varying your send frequency

Varying your send frequency

If you are still having lower open rates even though you are using tested subject lines and sending targeted emails, you should consider testing your send frequency. When it comes to email marketing,

sending more emails or very less emails, negatively impacts the level of engagement per campaign sent. Optimum send frequency varies with audience, industries and other factors.

How to improve your click rates

How to improve your click rates?

Your click rate lets you know how many of your subscribers find your campaign important or in any way relevant to them. Creating useful content is the key step towards getting higher click rates.

Make effective links

Make effective links

Firstly, make your link text descriptive and concise. The click-through URL should point only to the most relevant information.

Another important thing to avoid is using a generic phrase like "click here" as click-through text. Many people won't click it because it sounds unclear and unsafe. It also misses important information screen readers need for disabled users. And it inappropriately suggests clicking a mouse, when a lot of people view their emails on a touchscreen. In case If you're referencing a particular service, give a link that takes them directly to that service's web page instead of your own business homepage.

embedding more links

By embedding more links

Addition of multiple links in the same content of a single campaign, have proved to reap success to some users. This is extremely useful for campaigns with a single call to actio

Testing content with A/B Testing Campaigns

Testing content with A/B Testing Campaigns

You can create different versions of the same email content in a single A/B Testing Campaign. Mailercloud will send each the created versions to a separate set of subscribers and track engagement.

The version that performs better is sent to the remaining set of your recipients who weren't the part of your test. Delivering most relevant content to the most interested group of people is always the most effective strategy to improve your open and click rates. Invest time for reviewing your reports, and test more often to get the most out of your email campaigns.