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5 Best AMP Email Software: Start Sending AMP Emails Today

5 Best AMP Email Software: Start Sending AMP Emails Today

Are you looking for ways to enhance your email marketing campaigns and make them more engaging and interactive? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the world of AMP email and the top software solutions that can help you create and send AMP emails. Whether you’re an experienced email marketer or just starting out, this article is worth reading if you want to take your email marketing to the next level.

Introduction to AMP Email

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Email is a revolutionary technology that allows you to create dynamic and interactive emails, directly within the email client. Unlike traditional static emails, AMP emails enable recipients to interact with the email content, providing a more engaging and personalized experience. With the support of major email service providers like Gmail, AMP for Email is gaining popularity among email marketers worldwide.

Top 5 AMP Email Software Solutions

Now that we understand the benefits and best practices of using AMP for Email, let’s explore the top 5 AMP software solutions that can help you send AMP emails:

1. Mailercloud

Mailercloud is a leading email marketing platform that supports AMP emails. Mailercloud allows you to send visually stunning emails to your subscribers effortlessly.

2. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is another popular email service provider that offers support for AMP emails. Their comprehensive email marketing platform includes features such as automation, personalization, and reporting to help you optimize your email campaigns.


This software offers a wide range of templates and tools to create visually appealing AMP emails. With its intuitive interface and customizable options, makes it easy for marketers to design engaging emails with interactive elements.

4. Dyspatch

Dyspatch provides a seamless experience for creating and sending AMP emails. Its drag-and-drop builder and pre-designed templates make it simple to create dynamic emails.

5. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a powerful email marketing platform that supports AMP emails. With its advanced features and integrations, Mailmodo empowers marketers to create highly personalized and interactive emails that drive engagement and conversions.

Benefits of Using AMP for Email

There are numerous benefits to using AMP for Email in your marketing campaigns. Firstly, AMP email builder allows you to create visually appealing and interactive content that grabs the attention of your subscribers. By incorporating interactive elements such as carousels, forms, and surveys, you can provide a more immersive and personalized experience for your audience.

Secondly, AMP for Email enables you to streamline your communication by including real-time data and dynamic content within the email itself. Whether it’s showing live social media feeds, updating flight information, or displaying personalized product recommendations, AMP emails ensure that the information inside the email is always up to date and relevant.

Lastly, using AMP for Email can significantly improve your email conversion rates. With the ability to embed actionable components directly in the email message, such as “Add to Cart” buttons or RSVP forms, you can drive more conversions and engagement without requiring your subscribers to leave their inbox.

Examples of AMP Emails

To give you a better understanding of what is possible with AMP for Email, let’s look at some examples. Imagine receiving an email from your favorite clothing brand that allows you to browse their latest collection directly within the email itself. You can scroll through different outfits, select sizes and colors, and make a purchase without ever leaving your inbox.

Another example could be an event invitation email that lets you RSVP and even choose your preferred session time directly within the email. No need to visit a separate landing page or fill out a form elsewhere – everything happens seamlessly in the email message.

Best Practices for Creating AMP Emails

When it comes to creating effective AMP emails, there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Use a drag-and-drop email builder: Many email marketing platforms offer drag-and-drop builders specifically designed for creating AMP emails. These builders make it easy to design visually stunning email templates without any coding knowledge.
  • Focus on the main email content: While AMP allows you to create interactive elements, make sure that the main content of your email design remains accessible to recipients who may not support AMP.
  • Test across different email clients: As with any email campaign, it’s crucial to test your AMP emails across various email clients to ensure compatibility and functionality.
  • Follow AMP HTML guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the official AMP HTML guidelines to ensure that your emails comply with the necessary standards and requirements.

Mailercloud: The Best Software to Send AMP Emails

Among the top software solutions for sending AMP emails, Mailercloud stands out as the best option. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support for AMP emails, Mailercloud offers everything you need to send engaging and interactive email campaigns.

 Mailercloud also offers advanced automation features, analytics dashboards, and integration options with popular CRM platforms. This ensures that you have all the tools necessary to create targeted and effective email marketing campaigns.

Bullet Point Summary:

  • AMP for Email allows you to create dynamic and interactive emails directly within the inbox.
  • Benefits of using AMP tools for Email include increased engagement, real-time updates, and improved conversion rates.
  • Examples of AMP emails include interactive product catalogs and RSVP forms.
  • Best practices for creating AMP emails include using drag-and-drop builders, focusing on main content accessibility, testing across different clients, and following AMP HTML guidelines.
  • The top 5 software solutions for sending AMP emails are Mailercloud, Elastic Email, Mailmodo,, and Dyspatch.
  • Mailercloud is the recommended option due to its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and comprehensive support for AMP emails.

Start sending engaging and interactive emails with Mailercloud today and take your email marketing campaigns to new heights!

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