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Email Marketing Landing Page Tips to Increase Your Conversions

Email Marketing Landing Page Tips to Increase Your Conversions

Email marketing is a door that leads the target audience to make decisions you want them to make. Almost 59% of people admit that email marketing campaigns influence them to buy products from a brand.

Email marketing is about wooing your target audience with an eye-catching email subject line and appealing content. Initially, it’s all about leading your audience to read the body of the email. But it’s much more than that. It’s an optimized email marketing landing page that aims to influence the purchase decision.

An email marketing landing page is where the magic happens. They are the key to high email conversion rates. But before we dive into the landing page optimization tips, let’s cover the basics.

What is an Email Marketing Landing Page?

An email marketing landing page is a stand-alone page linked to an email. It mainly offers solutions to a problem that new visitors want answered. These landing pages aim to influence people to make a purchase.

The concept resembles how social media tools run ads and get prospects to a specific landing page. Let’s take an example. Imagine your headphones aren’t working correctly. You participated in an audio business survey online that shoots you an email offering you a solution. The call-to-action (CTA) in the mail redirects you to a landing page containing content (and possibly a key) to your problem. 

This page is an email marketing landing page.

How you execute an email marketing landing page can make or break your lead generation or conversion efforts. Optimizing your landing page is crucial for increased email conversion rates.

This blog discusses the importance of email marketing landing pages and how to optimize them to increase conversion rates. 

Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Landing Page?

Creating trust among new subscribers is a challenging task. Building trust and nourishing your relationship with new subscribers is easier with an email marketing landing page. In addition, it also enables you to:

  • Make an excellent first impression
  • Engage inactive users
  • Minimize cart abandonment and make the closing of sales easier
  • Nurture high-quality leads and convert them into customers (thus, increasing revenue)

This is just a glimpse of what email marketing landing pages can do for your business. Even though you’ll need to keep improving your CTAs and testing your offers, starting with a solid base is ideal.

Landing Page Optimization: X Tips to Ensure High Conversions

Grabbing a new subscriber’s attention is one thing. However, the effort is futile if your marketing email doesn’t lead them to connect with you/your business.

Here are a few landing page optimization tips that enable you to increase your conversion rate.

Tip 1: Keep it Simple and Focused

Did you know that emails with a subject line of 6-10 words have the highest open rates, i.e., 21%?

For new subscribers to land on your email marketing landing page, it’s crucial to draft the perfect email with an eye-catching subject line

The content on the email marketing landing page is as essential as the email subject line. It must be concise, clear, and have a single objective – offering a service/product that solves the subscribers’ problem. Why?

Your audience has a short attention span. Bombarding them with long sentences or tons of words will make them lose interest. That’s why it’s best to keep content on your email landing pages short and to the point. 

It’s also crucial to keep the content focused on the objective. Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Add content that is easy to read and comprehend
  • Ensure your key focus is on: how easy it’s to use your product and the value it offers to the reader
  • Make sure the videos and images are balanced and relevant
  • Make the landing page easy to navigate and add CTAs that are easy to find
  • Design an attractive, appealing opt-in box and make sure it’s simple 

Remember: You’re more likely to convert your target audience to customers by grabbing their interest. 

Tip 2: Make Your Offer Clear

Your offer is what appeals to your target audience. Be it a solution to a problem, a product, or a service. Your audience needs to know why your offer is the best; only then do they purchase a product or avail a service. 

Making your offers clear increases conversions and improves customer experience. Here’s how you can do so on your email marketing landing page.

  • Be to the point and be straightforward
  • List your features and benefits in a few words
  • Don’t overstress or oversell your offers
  • Use illustrations and images to make the offers appealing

Tip 3: Use Compelling Visuals

Did you know that as much as 90% of information processed by a human brain is visual?

The impact of visuals is far more significant than attractive, appealing texts. That’s why compelling visuals enhance user experience in marketing landing pages. Images or videos can help you communicate your message, drive conversions, and highlight key benefits if used correctly. 

Visuals also help you connect with your target audience emotionally. 

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect images to optimise email marketing landing page pages.

  • Make sure the visuals align with your brand messaging
  • Choose images that will resonate with your target audience
  • Always use high-resolution images
  • Keep it simple, and don’t overcrowd the landing page with visuals
  • Illustrate critical features and benefits

Tip 4: Optimize Your Forms

Forms act as a communication bridge between you and a potential customer. A state is an electronic way for audiences to give you the information needed to buy a product or avail of a service. A form drives lead generation and email conversion rates for a business.

Here are a few tips you can use to optimize your forms for maximum effectiveness:

  • Keep it brief and crisp
  • Focus on what information you’re asking for rather than how much
  • Always begin with the easy questions and move on to the complicated ones
  • Have a logical flow from one form field to the other

Let’s take a quick look at the Airbnb form design.

Image Source

The above landing page targets audiences who want to put their homes up as Airbnbs. Airbnb keeps it simple and short – they ask for three things:

  • Location
  • Place type
  • Accommodation

Imagine filling out a form that asks for your name, email, phone number, address, gender, date of birth, etc. Not only will it seem never-ending, but it will also feel pointless. Would you want to complete or leave the form in the middle (or even before you start?) We all know the answer.

Long forms that ask for irrelevant information discourage people from filling out the form to get an estimate.

Pro tip: when building your email marketing landing page, always ask for relevant, crucial information in forms. 

Tip 5: Add Social Proof

Social proof, as the name suggests, is the phenomenon where people observe the actions of others to build trust and feel secure about a brand. Conversions are bound to increase with increased confidence.

Social proof offers entrepreneurs who want to grow their business various benefits, including: 

  • Building trust among potential customers
  • Strengthens customer relationships and loyalty
  • Creating a positive perception of their brand

You can add data from the below content types to the landing page to leverage social proof.

  • Customer testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Embedded social media posts
  • User downloads/numbers
  • Number of shares

Tip 6: Create an Urgency

Customer journeys are incredibly complex. With multiple devices and channels, the buying process is rarely linear. In addition, the buying journey is very lengthy – it can take weeks or even months to complete research.

Research shows that people will always give more importance to urgent tasks than critical tasks that aren’t time-sensitive.  

Adding a sense of urgency helps speed along the customer journey. It pushes people considering buying from a brand to act on their decision at that moment so that they don’t miss out.

Not only does urgency convert doubtful customers to buy from a brand, but it can also create demand that leads to sales.

However, it’s crucial to be subtle in showing urgency in your marketing landing pages. How can you do that? Well…

  • Set a deadline
  • Offer something scarce
  • Offer a solution (usually, people want a solution stat!)
  • Use action-oriented, time-sensitive phrases 

Tip 7: Test and Optimize

The more you test and optimize your email marketing landing pages, the higher the email conversion rates and returns on your investments will be. Optimizing and ensuring all elements work ideally is crucial as landing pages are most vulnerable to abandonment.

Now, there are two main ways to test your landing pages: 

A/B TestingMultivariate Testing
A/B testing is the most straightforward approach to testing a landing page. It compares two versions of landing pages and iterates towards an understanding that influences a person’s behaviour the most. The two versions can have small or significant variations depending on the test goal.Multivariate testing, or MVT, tests more variations than A/B testing. Building on the core mechanism of A/B testing, as MVT tests more variations, it’s recommended for websites with high traffic.
The most common example of A/B testing is replacing forms with chatbots. Many businesses are making this shift to test which feature (the form or the chatbot) increases conversion rates.For example, Hyundai performed MVT to increase its CTR by 208% via a landing page designed for one of its vehicles.

Once you choose a testing method, the first step is understanding user behaviour and analysing your website. Here are the key ways you can achieve this:

  • Surveys
  • Session recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Form Analytics

Pro Tip: Keep these elements in mind and always test them to ensure smooth email marketing landing page optimization.

  • Page headline
  • CTA buttons
  • Text style and font
  • Sales copy
  • Form
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Page load time

Increase Your Email Conversion Rate With Optimized Landing Pages!

And there you have it!

The key to designing and optimizing email marketing landing pages. From using compelling, attractive visuals to adding social proof to A/B testing, every tip shared in this blog will ensure you drive more conversions and, in turn, sales.

Please remember, when running an email marketing campaign, you will need to include a landing page that offers a solution (and fills an urgent need) to the target audience. With this, you’ll also achieve the following:

  • Improved brand visibility 
  • Higher brand reputation
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased traffic and revenue 
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Joy D'Cruz

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